Geometric Views (fragment)

Domingo Diaz’s work (Las Palmas 1959) is a good example of sculptural tendencies that have been produced in last decades: post minimalism. He talks to us about fluids. Flows loaded with essential elements in life. Liquids covering closed circuits, like blood does, or expanding them in open waves like the sea does. Aorta is executed with warm materials.  Fiberglass and lacquered resin transmit a texture and a temperature almost organic. The tube goes through the shape of the room without taking into account, it owns the environment. It’s not only what we see in Domingo’s work, but what we sense or what he makes us imagine. Unreal spaces, fluids in movement. The liquid of blood, of sea. In his sea wave, he connects different worlds and different matters. Referring to moving waters, they are only a transitive agent which mediates between no formal things (Chirino’s wind) and formal things (land represented as a route and later Tony Gallardo’s stones and rocks). Blood like sea, like sources of energy and food. In its symbolic end of life and return, too.

Domingo Díaz Vega, in possession of an indomitable spirit, shows, like the blood of his filled Aorta, his impossibility of exploiting beyond a destiny on the right track but full of wish and deep and intense human values.