desbordamientoSUBLIME 2006

Orlando Brito

An internal-external scene (Fragment)

Luckily, many artists have made from versatility in the use of tools and languages their work spaces. If there is something that we can ask for to any creative is the adequate and correct use of formal tools and conceptual subtleties, and if we can count up an added value of intelligent transgressor of normal shapes of sculpture, we are seeing this interesting and notable Canary artist’s work. I’ve known his work for years and I recognise that his spectacular work “Arañazo” (“Scratchy”) has always fascinated me and it seems to me like a special step forward in the own dynamic of contemporary sculpture. Subsequently those proposes there is fundamental work and skill in his work such as his camouflaged interventions, his architectural fiddle that tears the skin of architecture. This time, sculpture, if we can call it that, or skin and epidermal interventions reveal an interesting dialogue between sculpture and architecture.

After his temporary retirements of creative scene due to personal circumstances and, let’s say it, due to consequences originated in unfortunate and mean actions of cultural administrations, Domingo Díaz returns to the Canary artistic scene providing those not-so-easy contemporary sculptural proposes with new ways. The incorporation to the system of programs to develop 3D images to generate and build his new sculptural proposal allows a virtual and close knowledge of his projects. With his “penetrable” works not only returns to dialogue with architecture but go through it, making them live an essential relationship of symbiosis, something really fascinating.

His latest project for a collective exhibition in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria is located in the building of Luján Pérez School and produces a blood muttering, spectacular because of its scale, which falls down in the façade. From that tore skin to blooding architecture which opens interesting ways of interpretations, maybe like those inherent to contemporary art and its containers.

There is something special in his proposes and sensibilities, something that inevitably can only be shared from the experience of contemplating his work, and we invite you to do it as soon as possible.