paisajePlacebo Effect


5 painters, 5 sculptors (fragment)

The speech around artificiality of nature that argue last Domingo Díaz’s work remind us of man’s impossibility to dissociate himself from natural laws that live in our subconscious and in our common and inevitable destiny. This way the human being has its reflection on the nature and vice versa. Like writers of tales, he uses metaphor, symbol and allegory to talks us about relationship world established between humans. In the space of exhibition, there are decontextualized fragments of an artificial nature, following a process of abstraction not alien to Museums of Natural History contents. Spectators wander in sculptural pieces watching them, breathing the intimacy that walks with those who minute examine an odd vegetable. All of that creates a context where nature and artifice are juxtaposed in an interrelated imitation process.

Domingo Díaz uses scale changes to move us to mutant’s fantastic universe. A gigantic spider, similar to that which attacked the incredible shrinking man, appears solid, suggestive and sinuous and has modified its liquid nature due to an odd metamorphosis that is not strange because of those continuous nuclear spills in the depths of the ocean. In dunes, there is almost no sand; we only can remember it by waving skeletons of structural frames to avoid its collapse.